Ames Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Sowing Truth, Harvesting Righteousness

What We Believe

- We believe the God found in the Bible created everything and every person intentionally, graciously, lovingly and intimately. He is the one, true Living God.
- We believe every human being is infected with sin, stemming from Adam and Eve's first act of disobedience to God's order, and as a result, are on a path that leads to eternal death.
- We believe that salvation from that eternal death is found only through a relationship with Jesus Christ; this relationship is initiated when any person (1) realizes, owns, and confesses their sinfulness, (2) asks and trusts Jesus for salvation, and (3) repents of sin and begins following Christ in a life-transforming walk of faith.
- We believe the bible we have today is sufficient for life and salvation, is without any error in its original manuscripts, and is trustworthy in its current form to reveal the desires of a loving, gracious, and just God and Father, and is the greatest story of truth ever told!
- We believe that God is three "persons" in one "being," God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All are both unique and the same all at once. This, the Trinity, is one of the "mysteries of His will" that will be fully explained when we spend eternity in Him.
- We believe the local church is the visible expression of the Risen Savior and is made up of redeemed, confessing followers of Jesus, whose task it is to spread the Good News of life and salvation found in Christ Jesus.
These are just the basics, if you'd like to know more, please see our full statement of faith which is entitled, The Baptist Faith and Message. We would also encourage you to speak with our pastor if you have further questions. You can email him at or by calling the church office (leave a message if no answer) at 580-753-4254.